Donor management software improves broadcasting connections to niche markets

New nonprofit stations in Seattle can benefit from donor management software.
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Public radio is an excellent way for local nonprofits to get in touch with niche markets. If an organization is having trouble reaching its constituents through radio broadcasting alone, it may be time to invest in donor management software.

New stations in the Pacific northwest
The West Seattle Herald reported that a brand new series of nonprofit radio stations were recently approved by the Federal Communications Commission. Beginning in October 2015, many Seattle neighborhoods will be able to listen to a variety of new community-centric stations. Among the new stations are Rainier Valley Radio (105.7 FM), KMIH Booster Club (KDXP 101.1 FM), Hollow Earth Radio (100.3 FM) and Seattle University Radio (KXSU 102.1 FM).

Brown Paper Tickets began a project to make community radio stations more prevalent; these additions are a direct result of that initiative. Sabrina Roach, a philanthropy specialist at Brown Paper Tickets, told the Herald that these new stations will focus primarily on neighborhood-centric issues.

“You can build a whole community of people who care about your radio station. You can have an authentic, outreach, grassroots station,” said Roach.

Reaching the right constituents
Back in 2013, another nonprofit organization based in Seattle also embarked on a radio broadcasting journey. According to The Nonprofit Times, a group called OneAmerica needed a new way to reach people in need of its services. Radio broadcasting was a low-cost option for listeners. OneAmerica is an immigrant advocacy group that tries to get relevant information to immigrant groups living outside of downtown Seattle. There typically aren’t many community centers for Somali, Vietnamese, Tagalog or Spanish groups in more rural areas.

Rather than spend time and money sending out pamphlets or knocking on doors, OneAmerica applied for a low-powered FM radio station license. With this LPFM station, which operates at 100 watts or less and can reach listeners up to three to five miles away, OneAmerica was able to broadcast information in a variety of languages. The organization found a simple, affordable method for communicating with the people who needed to hear it most.

These LPFM stations are excellent for nonprofits with a targeted message for a geographically specific group. Local stations are also strong channels for promoting events in need of additional community volunteers or donors. They allow nonprofits to create more meaningful relationships with listeners and residents in particular neighborhoods. 

Reliable donor management software, when used in conjunction with public radio broadcasts, can help organizations communicate with contributors. It’s an invaluable tool for any nonprofit with broadcasting capabilities.¬†

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