Creative ideas for fundraisers

Unique events like karaoke, pig roasts and others can attract more donors and engage them more so than uninspired fundraisers.
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Everyone loves a good time, and events that are fun, creative and engaging have a greater chance of attracting donors than those that are uninspired and repetitive. Below is a list of imaginative ideas for fundraisers that stations can reference for inspiration.

Themed costume party
Rather than using the traditional black-tie event for an official gala, stations can get inventive and host an event with a theme that allows guests to dress up in other ways. Letting attendees assemble outfits based on concepts can be exciting and a refreshing change of pace from standard formal events. Stations can put the theme to a vote or choose something like the 1960’s, neon, the Kentucky derby, pajamas, Roman fashion, nerds and jocks or another idea.

Arrange a series of sports teams that participants must pay to join. Base the sports on the most popular sports played in the area. Set up a multiday tournament and offer a prize to the winner. Stations can also sell concessions and merchandise to raise even more money.

Pig roast
Contact a local butcher and a pork chef about roasting one or a number of pigs for patrons to eat. Dishes can vary and the prices of each dish can vary based on the cut of meat or its preparation. The cooking professionals may also host sessions on how to cut or cook meat properly that guests can attend for an additional fee.

Community mural
Broadcasters can seek approval from their local governments to allow members of the community to create their own collective mural in a well-traveled area of town. People donate a set amount and are able to paint a section of the designated space in manner they choose.

Karaoke contest
Ask as many local celebrities as possible to judge an American Idol-style singing contest. Participants can pay to sign up or attend the show, and winners can be granted a prize at the end.

Food truck festival
Broadcasters can invite a variety of local food truck operators to gather in a designated area for a day and sell food. The space can be blocked off and entrance to the mini festival can be charged.

Battle of the bands
Invite local acts to play in a concert for the benefit of the cause. Stations can use this as opportunity to host a fun event, promote hometown artists and raise money.

Photo exhibition
Allow participants to take photos related to your organization. Broadcasters can also establish a themes then present the best images in a formal art-gallery style and sell tickets to the event. Concessions can be sold to further increase dollars earned.

Movie night
During warmer weather, stations can set up a makeshift outdoor theater by setting up a large project and allowing guests to view one or two movies for a fee. Allow attendees to picnic and bring their refreshments and also provide some from the organization.

Celebrity cooking class
Invite celebrities to host their own cooking classes where they prepare some of their favorite dishes in front of an audience. Admission to the sessions can be charge and meals can also be prepared in bulk for guests to try.

Build a basket of baked goods
Stations can partner with local bakeries and everyday cooks to host a bake sale. Treats of all kinds can be sold and proceeds can go to the organization afterwards.

Haircut party
A local beauty parlor can offer its services by allowing guests to receive free haircuts. Participants are then asked to donate an amount they think is acceptable for the work done.

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