Creating effective summer contests for your station

Engage your listeners with fun summer contest tips.
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Local radio stations are known to engage their community and provide a space for expression and opportunity. One of the ways stations can do this is by developing fun and inventive content for the summer months. During these times, both for-profits such as WGN Radio and NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Contest will broadcast live from local arts festivals and feature broadcast specials slightly different from normal programming. They will also host contests, giveaways and fun serials to get users invested in the station. According to the Houston Chronicle, radio contests are a great way to gain lead information on potential donors too. Is your nonprofit radio interested in hosting a contest this summer? Here are three effective ways to market your summer broadcast contest on a budget:

1. Use social media
Social media is a free tool radio stations can use to market their competitions along with apps such as NPR One. NPR One allows users to donate, share and follow other nonprofit radio stations directly via the app. During a broadcast, ask your viewers to share the broadcast from the NPR One app using a hashtag specific to your station. Users who share and receive the most likes on their post can win the giveaway or contest.

Engaging your listeners with social media is only part of the fun.Engaging your listeners with social media is only part of the fun.

2. Call-ins
Mention to your listeners that they can call into the station during live broadcasts. If a certain number of callers come in, the 100th caller will be eligible for a prize as long as they make an online donation. This unique idea is both fun and productive for both the station and listeners.

3. Mention sponsors
Giving your sponsors a little love during contests promotes not only your organization, but your donor corporation as well. Ask viewers to show their appreciation for both your station and your donor organization in a unique way via a photo contest or unique tweet.

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