Converting Online Leads in the Mail

Converting Online Leads in the Mail
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Are you letting your best leads languish?

With the shift to digital fundraising a huge change is occurring in the way that prospects are sourced. So while direct mail as a tactic is still going strong, the way we utilize it needs to meet the needs of the growing online prospect pool.

From initial engagement online, to becoming a sought-after lead, direct mail provides another channel of opportunity to convert online leads into donors through a strong multichannel relationship.

Here are 3 tactics to implement to try and convert online leads into direct mail donors.

1.)  Offer something in exchange for a postal address

If you’ve only captured an email address, then find ways to incorporate another lead capture opportunity for the prospect’s postal address.

This could be a questionnaire in a welcome series asking what types of information this person is most interested in learning more about. If you happen to have brochures, or other free reading materials to mail, you can offer those at this time to enable you to obtain a mailing address.

Better yet, if your organization has a package with an up-front premium, then consider sending an email blast asking if anyone wants the premium. Then you can send along with the premium the direct mail package that already has an ask in it. This can also be done with just the premium if you don’t have a complete package built around it.

If you find that you don’t have a premium or brochure to mail, another option is to work with a vendor to run an address append by email. It’s certainly worth testing if you’re investing in online lead generation and finding it difficult to capture postal addresses.

2.)  Track the source of online leads to send the right ask to the right audience

Your online leads are coming from many different sources. They may have taken action by signing a petition, went to a page on your site with a pop-up for a free download, or simply signed up for your enewsletter. These different sources offer additional insight into what might motivate an online lead to give.

Those who sign a petition, should be considered for a direct mail petition package.

Or, if the topic of your upcoming direct mail piece is related to the download offer, prospects can be included in that list select.

3.)  Send a (timely) mail package that resonates with digital

Emails have much shorter copy than letters, pop-ups, and banners are straight to the point with clear calls to action, and the time during which someone is engaged with your offer is much shorter.

If there’s an opportunity for you to create a new package, test paring down creative and simplifying the forms. This could be as simple as a double-panel letter and reply or a “magazine” subscription type form with levels and benefits clearly listed out. At this point in your relationship, recipients may not be as interested in the long version of the story. But if you communicate with them shortly after they’ve taken their first action online, your correspondence will still be relevant.

Also consider incorporating calls to action, or messaging, that have worked online to convert leads into donors. They’re very similar audiences who were both motivated to first connect with you in one way or another online.

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