Broadcasters need a tailored donor management solution

Public and religious broadcasters need a tailored donor management solution.
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The prevailing sentiment among public and religious broadcasters is that they need donor management software to operate and raise efficiently. The modern digital era has made such tools valuable and almost necessary. Yet even though stations may understand they need to upgrade their donor management practices and workflows with an automated system, there are still pitfalls to that search for a vendor.

The primary thing to keep in mind is that public and religious broadcasters need a solution designed for their organizations to truly benefit from donor management software. While it’s possible for any option to work, only a tailored platform can really help you succeed.

Not just any solution will do

While there are certainly some draws to donor management products that are more generic, perhaps being cost or functionality, a one-size-fits-all approach hardly ever works out. However, having a specialized solution is particularly important for stations, considering the sheer importance of donors and the very often personal nature of those relationships and fundraising campaigns. Broadcasters that rely on monthly donations and which have such precise donor management needs have to reflect those conditions in their search for a vendor.

There are a number of considerations that public and religious broadcasters need to apply to their search. Questions to ask may include:

  • Was the solution designed for broadcasters in mind? 
  • Can I track data and metrics that matter to my nonprofit?
  • What features are specific to radio or television campaign management?
  • How does the solution enable a close relationship with donors?
  • What support and experience does the vendor have with my fundraising needs?

While any software option may work, only a tailored platform will help your station succeed.

That last question is particularly important to ask, since any answer will inform just how aligned the prospective solution is with a public or religious broadcaster’s specific needs. Functionality, support and expertise all factor into the equation.

How Allegiance can help

Understanding the unique needs of public and religious broadcaster, Allegiance developed a donor management platform designed to meet those demands. Our platform is built with stations in mind and specifically for noncommercial broadcasters. One-size-fits-all solutions can’t compare in the tailored approach, which is a particular strength given the niche client segment public and religious broadcasters represent.

With a fully featured solution that allows stations to manage traffic logs, broadcast scheduling, underwriting, credit production, billing and reporting, the Allegiance platform is geared at providing broadcasters with the capabilities they need to carry out mission-critical operations. Another advantage lies in the data stations can gather and analyze using our platform, which can help them refine practices and uncover new insights to inform donor management and drive fundraising. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your station with a tailored software solution.

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