Allegiance Fundraising Group Acquires Haines Direct

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Allegiance Fundraising Group (AFG) is pleased to announce its acquisition of Haines Direct, a direct mail marketing firm that focuses on nonprofit clients. Based in North Canton, Ohio, Haines Direct prides itself on creating customized marketing campaigns to help organizations like food banks, rescue missions, Boy Scout councils, animal organizations and other nonprofits succeed in direct mail initiatives. Haines uses a data-driven approach to refine direct mail strategies through tireless analysis, dedicated collaboration and personalized service. Its focus and mission have guided it in aiding countless organizations achieve fundraising goals.

The acquisition of Haines Direct brings new value and tools to Allegiance Fundraising clients, including:

  • Full-color printing of appeal packages and collateral material,
  • Laser personalization of direct mail pieces,
  • Digital variable printing, and
  • Full program reporting and analytical services.

“Since 1970, Haines Direct has always put customers first – from our customer service to our product offerings,” said Ashley Williams, President/CEO of Haines & Company, Inc. “We always found a way to ensure our customers were more than satisfied with our efforts. When we first started discussions with Allegiance, we felt they offered the same attention, customer service and product offerings making this partnership not only a great match but the best opportunity to be successful. Allegiance will be able to offer our customers more robust tools and a wider variety of products to help them achieve their goals.”

AFG provides both stand alone and integrated products and services including fundraising strategy and implementationscalable donor management software, and donor loyalty programs helping clients meet not only today’s needs but fostering continued growth in the future.

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