Allegiance and WealthEngine announce partnership

Allegiance and WealthEngine are joining forces to help charitable organizations improve their fundraising efforts.
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Charitable organizations are always looking for ways to bolster their nonprofit fundraising activities to make them as effective as possible. In a number of cases, many 501(c)(3) groups turn to technology to help streamline this critical function. The use of donor management software platforms can help keep track of incoming monetary gifts and also highlight donors who have a propensity for supporting a charity financially. Adopting this solution can help nonprofits target donors and is a great tool for charities looking to bolster their fundraising efforts.

Solutions of this kind have been critical in helping organizations develop effective campaigns that resonate with donors and encourage them to lend their financial support to help a nonprofit fulfill its missions.

Allegiance partners with WealthEngine to give nonprofits an all-encompassing solution that considerably help organizations maximize the financial donations they receive from supporters. Allegiance users have access to WealthEngine’s powerful wealth intelligence directly through their database.”  This partnership gives nonprofits the ability to not only monitor incoming donations, but craft campaigns designed to attract those who give sizeable gifts in support of a nonprofit. 

“Having our proprietary wealth and P2G (Propensity to Give) scores available through the Allegiance Fundraising platform is critical to fill a market need to integrate in-depth donor intelligence with wealth insight,” JB Rauch, WealthEngine’s vice president of channels said in press release announcing the collaboration between the two companies.

The partnership between the two companies gives nonprofits a solution to help manage its fundraising databases, better communicate with constituents and target donors whose personal passions and beliefs align with the foundational mission of the charity. This helps to establish new relationships while also opening new donor pipelines.

Combining WealthEngine’s years of industry experience in providing audience intelligence solutions to help 501(c)(3) organizations develop targeted campaigns in the education, financial services and healthcare markets, with Allegiance Fundraising Group’s expertise in offering solutions that help charities improve their  fundraising efforts, has reshaped the way nonprofits identify, target and engage with potential donors.

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