AFG Beats “the Other Guy”

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Kathy Giles

The Situation

The Nine Network wanted to test two separate approaches to recapturing lapsed members. The control was the Allegiance Fundraising Agency Services Action Needed package, which is one of our top-performing packages plus a 3-email series. 

The test was performed by a different outside fundraising service provider, and included mail, email, and telemarketing. 

To ensure a fair test, we performed an A/B split by Tag (Tags A – J and Blank). Allegiance Fundraising retained one-half of the file and the other half received the test approach. 

The Control — Action Needed

The control strategy for the lapsed segment included mailing two hits of the Action Needed package and incorporating three email deployments with supporting messages. The timing coincided with the March on-air pledge dates, from late February through March of 2018. 

From the AFG half of the file, we selected the following: 

 Hit #1 mailed all available names = 15,523

 Hit #2 mailed only specific Tags = 5,780
            • Total quantity mailed was 21,303 

 Three emails were sent to all available email addresses.

The “Other Guy”

The test began with a single hit of mail, which was followed by four email deployments, and approximately four weeks of telemarketing. The mail dropped in mid-April, the emails deployed late April through the end of May, and the telemarketing ran through mid-May to mid-June. 

In total, the test utilized a lapsed member file of 24,548.

The ResultsLapsed Recapture

The Allegiance Fundraising approach was the clear winner! 

Even though the test campaign had the lower costs, the Allegiance Fundraising Strategy net revenue was 70% higher than the test and outperformed the test in all metrics. 

The Action Needed campaign by Allegiance Fundraising received: 

 45% Higher Response Rate

 36% More Renewed Members

 19% Higher Average Gift 

 Almost 50% Higher Gross Revenue

 70% Higher Net Revenue 

We believe the strong creative, the second targeted hit of direct mail, and well-timed emails lead to the success of the campaign.

About the Author:
Kathy Giles
Director of Client Management, Agency Services

Role at the Company

As an Account Director with Agency Services I work with clients to develop their direct response, annual giving, and membership programs. I am responsible for the strategy, budget, creative oversight, planning, and results reporting for each campaign as well as ensuring we are meeting all client expectations. I also work to build the client relationship to not only retain the client, but to also look for opportunities to increase activities with clients, through any of our three business areas. And new business is always on the radar!

What excites you about your work at AFG?

With the three divisions, we have more opportunities to support our clients. We can extend the services offered to provide more full-service-oriented solutions to current and prospective clients, allowing AFG to become more involved with a client’s program. This also allows for more growth and learning, on a personal note.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

To feed my love of stories and storytelling, I went to school for film production, with a concentration in documentary film. I have had the opportunity to work on a few documentaries including one for the United Nations on the history of interpretation where I was able to visit several embassies and spoke with the amazing people in the UN Interpretation Service.

Today, I get to tell the stories of the non-profit clients I work with.

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