Accelerate Your Integrated Marketing in 4 Steps

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Bruce Duesterhoeft

Savvy nonprofit fundraisers, wisely, continue to “steal” successful strategies from for-profit corporate marketers. For the past several years many sessions at conferences and pages in trade publications have pushed the term “integrated” in relation to coordinated marketing programs. This strategic approach to providing customers with a seamless experience in all aspects of marketing communication has become a sort of ‘holy grail’ for development teams. As fundraisers, we should continue the quest by consistently reviewing our own practices.

Why the need for an integrated approach? Your donors and potential donors are no longer just in their mailboxes or inboxes. These donors are increasingly tech savvy and are online more than they are watching television or listening to the radio, or more and more likely; both at the same time. We, as fundraisers, need to be thoughtful about how we target constituents with coordinated messaging.

What are the steps to creating an integrated fundraising approach?

  1. Create a contact strategy for the audiences your Development team is targeting. Lay out the major donor touch points: mail, email, telemarketing, digital ads, social media, and on-air channels all need to be considered. Looking at the cost to raise a dollar in each channel should help point to the direction on where channels deserve more attention than others.
  2. Work with other departments inside your organization, especially communication and digital teams, to work on implementing the correct messaging and deployment. “Everyone is in fundraising,” while cliche, needs top-down agreement to drive desired results. Agreeing that your organization’s marketing and communications functions exist, at least in part, to help build development’s funnel is key. Likewise, forging a cohesive and integrated plan will help build out a long-term and successful experience for the donor.
  3. Once all teams are on board and in agreement, it is now time to implement and execute the strategy. Take the time to build out a coordinated Communications and Fundraising editorial calendar or timeline. The execution and deployment of a well-coordinated plan will not only help ensure success, but it will show your audience that your organization has one voice regardless of channel. The importance of unity for the mission will come through and inspire donors to donate and continue donating.
  4. Revisiting the plan and communications on a regular basis will help tweak and better the strategy. Set up a standing meeting of stakeholders at a sustainable pace – and include some analytical reporting based on agreed to goals to get some sense of how the needles are or aren’t moving. It’s critical to monitor performance and constituent feedback. Listening to the donors and making sure they know their voices are heard cannot be taken lightly. In the new age of social media, organizations must take advantage and of the ability to speak to their audience on a regular basis.

“Everyone is in fundraising,” while cliché, needs top-down agreement to drive desired results.

Allegiance Fundraising Group has an experienced team of fundraisers and marketers from many different backgrounds who can help you and your organization with the ideation, planning, and set up, including the execution of integrated marketing campaigns. From the strategy to implementation, we can help you along your way to a successful fundraising campaign raising important donor dollars to help with your mission from an integrated approach.

About the Author:
Bruce Duesterhoeft
Account Director, Agency Division

My role is to assist my clients with fundraising strategy and tactics. I provide creative direction and help analyze their program to provide the best possible direction. I look to grow their programs intelligently and bring new ideas when it makes sense.

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What excites you about your work at AFG?

I love helping others raise money to support their missions. I have been lucky enough in my career to be a part of raising tens of millions of dollars for a wide range of nonprofits. AFG is a great asset to hundreds of nonprofits and it is a pleasure to be a member of the team.

What are your hobbies/interests outside AFG?

I enjoy hiking, camping, traveling, reading, craft beers and keeping my mind and body in shape. Life is short and I am trying to enjoy the journey as best as possible.

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