A new source for nonprofits to find tech volunteers

A new website matches tech volunteers to nonprofits.
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As technology becomes increasingly more instrumental to a successful nonprofit fundraiser, it is important that organizations are able to find tech tools and volunteers. A fundraising software program can make everyday management and fundraising easier, and there is a new recruitment program for top tech talent. An online resource for nonprofits called Hashtagcharity (or “#charity”) has just launched and its goal is to match IT professionals with worthy causes.

The idea
The initial concept began when Jozsef Czapovics, director of engineering at Prezi, found his team of engineers was willing and excited to donate their skills and time to nonprofits, but it was hard for them to find the right projects. Czapovics believes there are many people in his field who are motivated to make a contribution to a good cause. He, along with other technological professionals, decided to create Hashtagcharity.org. The website launched this week and its goal is to empower tech professionals to aid organizations in need.

The mission statement on the site says the organization wants “…to empower everyday people to be giants: to use their super skills to take a stand and change the world.”

How it works
Volunteers can sign up to participate using their LinkedIn profile. Hashtagcharity uses LinkedIn to verify the applicant’s tech skills and experience. Nonprofit organizations looking for tech support members can contact the site directly. Once the nonprofit is approved, the site uses a mathematical algorithm that matches the right volunteers to the nonprofits in most need of their skill set. The process provides organizations with IT professionals to create media advertising, design graphics and install software for nonprofits. Volunteers not only receive the chance to support those in need, but they also gain experience and a chance to practice their skills. Franziska Becker, business development and marketing manager for Hashtagcharity, told Forbes Magazine the site is planning to introduce a rewards program that will help bolster volunteers’ portfolios for future job applications.

The initial impact
Hashtagcharity is very new but The Chronicle of Philanthropy has already found some success stories. Action Against Hunger’s logistics teams worked with volunteers matched by the program to create better food delivery tracking methods. 1girl, a small educational charity, used programmers provided by the site to create a new mobile app. Hundreds of tech volunteers have already signed up to donate their time to the right nonprofit cause. Organizations in need of help can visit the site to put in their request for talented and motivated help.

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