7 ideas for winter fundraising

Planning a winter event? Here's some inspiration.
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Winter is one of the prime giving seasons for donors across the country. Either motivated by holiday cheer to hep those in need or end-of-the-year tax considerations, donors are more likely primed to give if reached out to. Now that the cold weather is starting to creep and holiday lights and decorations have been up for weeks, it’s a good time for religious and public broadcasters to think about seasonally themed fundraisers and events. 

Here are seven ideas stations can draw influence from when crafting their own winter campaign:

Bake sale

Sure, a bake sale is a good idea year-round, but especially during winter when sweets and treats are prevalent can such an event help broadcasters turn out donors. Hosting a bake sale is a great way to encourage attendees and passersby to step out of the cold and into a warm room filled with hot chocolate and snickerdoodles. 

Toy drive

Every holiday season, there are many disadvantaged children who don’t get the same Christmas morning experience as others. Public and religious broadcasters can do all they can to help these underprivileged youth by organizing a toy drive. Working with a local agency to find kids and then have them make a wish list (which stations can then distribute to willing donors) can ensure a child without a coat gets a brand new one as the temperatures drop.

Volunteer dinner

Throwing a volunteer dinner to feed those who don’t have the means to a bountiful holiday feast a good idea. Putting out a call for volunteers (through donor management software) can help stations round up a stable of helping hands to serve a hot meal and company to those who rarely benefit from either.

Snow shoveling

If there’s one thing anybody hates during the dead of winter, it’s shoveling snow. Neighbors are more than happy to pay the kid a few doors down to get the job done, and some donors would likely be as receptive to a show shoveling service organized by a local station. Again, such a plan calls for broadcasters to reach out to existing donors. It also means you’ll need to come prepared with equipment and salt to lay down after if necessary.

Thank-you letters

Though not necessarily a fundraising event primarily, stations should aim to send out thank-you letters to anybody who gave during the past year. Creating a personalized letter is hugely important to retaining donors, who appreciate the effort, and can also serve as encouragement for them to give again.

Winter carnivals

Who says you need outdoor amusement rides for a carnival? The winter snow and cold often precludes outdoor events, but bringing the the fun and games inside can have the same impact for public and religious broadcasters. Some features to consider include a healthy light display and different winter-themed events, like pin the tail on the reindeer.

When organizing a winter fundraising drive or campaign, broadcasters need to make sure they have every base covered. This includes have the right technology to conduct volunteer and donor outreach. Talk to Allegiance today about what benefits your station can realize when using our solutions.

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