6 features your nonprofit website needs

There are certain features every nonprofit should have on their website.
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A nonprofit website is more than just an online brochure of your organization. It is a tool you can utilize to increase fundraising and find more donors. While nonprofits need to find free or inexpensive ways to handle their websites, Nonprofit Hub stated that more organizations need to treat their website like what it is – an investment. If money is spent in the right way, there should be a return on improving their website. Here are six features nonprofit websites need even if they have to invest some of their funds:

1. Donation button on every page
A donation button should appear on every webpage. You want website visitors to easily see where they can give. That being said, you don’t want the donation buttons to be obnoxious. Ask your website designer to place a small button in the header or footer of every page on the site.

While you want a donate button on your website, you don’t really have to place one on your blog pages. Your blog should be a place for information, news and thought-leadership articles. High-quality content will drive traffic to your site where people will see the donation button.

2. Volunteer registration page
While you will likely generate most of your volunteers from more active efforts, having a webpage that provides prospective donors with a location to input their information and sign up for volunteer opportunities is beneficial.

When you have a registration page right on your website, the information volunteers enter can go directly into your nonprofit software that manages your volunteers. This makes it easy to keep track of all new volunteer information as soon as it comes in.

3. Events page with a calendar
While utilizing social media and email lists are a great way to spread the word about upcoming fundraising events, sometimes a simple calendar will do the trick. A easy to use and see calendar can easily show everything that is upcoming to website visitors. You can even add a feature to the calendar so visitors can say whether or not they plan to attend. In addition to having the calendar, organizations should post content about upcoming events along with contact information for inquiries.

4. A blog
Another good place to post event information is a blog. If your website doesn’t already have one, you can set it up externally and then link to the blog from your website. The blog can also link back to your nonprofit website, which could drive more visitors and result in more fundraising money.

According to Wix, blogs are only useful if they are active. Blogs that features regular updates and posts can increase engagement and help create a bigger following for your organization.

5. Email registration
Another feature that is a must for all nonprofit websites is a button or page dedicated to email registration. This will allow interested visitors to sign up for regular news and updates about your organization. Also, you can send email newsletters and upcoming fundraising event information.

Wix reported that a number of people who can provide you with funds are even more valuable due to their volunteer service. An email registration feature makes it possible for you to reach out to more people and possibly find great volunteers and donors.

6. Social media integration
Connecting your website with your nonprofit’s social media accounts helps drive traffic to your site. You should be sharing content from your site on social media and have buttons for social media on your homepage.

While these are not all of the features your nonprofit’s website needs, having these items on your site will help increase engagement and expand your organization’s reach on the Web.

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