4 ways to turn donations into holiday gifts

A donation to a good cause makes a great gift.
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Contributing to nonprofit fundraising is not only beneficial to the organization, it can fill the donor with a sense of joy encouraged by many holidays. As Christmas and other seasonal events approach, you can find ways to make contributions a viable gift choice for holiday shoppers. Here are four strategies for promoting nonprofit donations as stocking stuffers:

1. Contributions made in people’s names

People may send a donation in somebody else’s name. This gift allows the giver to make the receiver part of an important cause or event. You can encourage this activity by providing the exchange with something tangible.

Your organization may proudly list names of people who received donation presents in public places. Some nonprofits provide a small token of appreciation to go along with the gifted contribution. U.S News and World Report shared the examples of charities that created holiday cards to encourage seasonal giving.

2. Team up with craft businesses

A card is a great start but your organization might want to help create items that will take up some real estate underneath the Christmas tree. Heavy, an online news source, said many nonprofits partner with craft businesses to make unique products. The small company gets to promote its brand and the organization receives a percentage of the profit.

You could also see if local businesses will donate a small percentage of overall holiday shopping profits. Many stores look for charitable contributions as the year ends.

3. Holiday auctions and raffles

This year, you could encourage your contributors to give the gift of excitement. Raffle tickets make excellent additions to holiday cards or stocking stuffers. You should try promoting upcoming events with chances to win participants can gift to friends or family.

Holding nonprofit fundraising auctions before major holidays encourages bidding on items that would make great presents. You can hold the event live with a seasonal theme or online to take advantage of the year-end e-commerce rush.

4. Volunteering as a resolution

Sometimes people use the holidays as a chance to treat themselves to something special. As soon as Christmas is over, New Year’s Day is on the horizon and people look for opportunities to better themselves and their community.

You can promote increased volunteer sign-up by offering unique contribution activities to resolution seekers. Your organization can create individual projects in your nonprofit volunteer management software system that gives people a real chance to see what it’s like to make a difference. Hopefully, if the activity is fun and rewarding, you can keep the names in the volunteer system for the whole year.

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