4 tips for eye-catching video marketing for fundraising

Nonprofits can create a diverse library of video content.
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Videos can be an effective part of nonprofit fundraising. When planning marketing for a public event or charity drive, you should consider creating content that gives potential donors direct insight into your cause and organization. Videos allow you to show off your work and the people who need help. Here are four tips for creating videos that capture the interest of viewers and mobilize them to act:

1. Striking images

Modern audiences have no shortage of marketing in their inboxes. The New York Times explained many nonprofits turn to diverse educational and promotional materials to stand out in the minds of audiences. Videos can spice up your traditional email-marketing campaign or spread your message to new platforms.

Your nonprofit’s cause is probably very important to many people. You could help victims of a tragedy or regions that suffer from a lack of resources. Just showing potential donors the people they will help is an effective way of sharing your mission with new audiences. Videos can show injustice in action or progress made thanks to your organization.

If your cause is truly vital, you can probably round up some startling images. You have to be careful not to go too negative or you may communicate a theme of hopelessness.

2. Recognize your audience

Mass marketing will never have the same effect of sitting down with your donors one-on-one. You can make your videos more personal, however, by leveraging the information you have about your current supporters.

Building fundraising marketing around the needs and preferences of your donors allows you to appeal to similar audiences. Before you make any marketing content you should study audience data in your nonprofit software system to see if there are any donor trends that could inspire content.

Multiple people can share videos on many different platforms. You may want to take particular publishers’ audiences into account when creating videos you want to spread online. Mashable, an entertainment resource, shared the story of a nonprofit that teamed up with a comedy site to produce original content that went viral.

3. Put your volunteers on camera

The Nonprofit Marketing Blog said your volunteers and current donors can be your best representatives. Audiences prefer messengers that don’t seem to directly profit – at least financially – form marketing efforts. People trust those who are in a similar position as themselves.

Modern technology makes it easy to record your volunteers on the job or capture a few quick words from donors. You can use a mobile phone at your next event to capture some candid comments and create highlights of your people serving the community.

Starting a video with an introduction from a real person is a great way to catch attention from the beginning. A relatable host turns marketing into a personal story.

4. Don’t forget the ask

You have to include your audience in your video efforts. Once you show potential supporters what needs to be done, you must explain how they can help. Every video should offer a call to action and a method for simple donations.

Nonprofit software solutions can help you collect online donations and show you where the money comes from. Before you launch a video campaign, you need tools in place that will help you measure if it was successful.

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