4 ideas for a spring fundraiser or event

Get ready for the season turning with a spring-themed event.
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Spring is just around the corner, even though in some parts of the country it may not quite feel like it yet. But now that the warmer weather is starting to spread, there’s no better time to get active and start planning on how to use the season to your fundraising advantage.

Just about everyone is ready to get out of their houses and start enjoying the spring, and your public or religious broadcasting outfit probably has some ideas up the sleeve for events to hold during these spring months to engage donors after a long winter and spur giving.

There’s hundreds of different ideas to run with in the spring, but here are just a few to get you started:

1. Spring cleaning yard sales

Spring cleaning is a rite of the season, and it can also play a role in your fundraising. Consider connecting with donors and asking them to donate anything  that turned up in spring cleaning that they would otherwise throw away or simply get rid of. That way, your station can collect a assortment of items (whether clothing, toys, entertainment or furniture) that you can use for a spring cleaning yard sale that can drive attention and donations to your station.

2. Car washes

The winter can wreak havoc on car exteriors with all the salt and slush that’s kicked up on the roads. However, now that the sun is more likely to be shining and warm, drivers probably want to get their vehicles cleaned up and fresh for the spring. The car wash is a classic fundraising event and it can still pay dividends for your station. Just set up shop on a popular corner and make sure to have the “Honk if you love X” signs ready to entice potential donors in.

3. Easter basket auction/Passover dinners

Religious holidays are a big part of the spring, and two key observances happen during the season: Easter and Passover. One way to incorporate these elements of faith into your fundraising strategy is to auction off different Easter baskets, or host a Passover dinner. Construct baskets filled with goodies or tickets to events and auction them off for a good cause, but if you plan to put on a Passover dinner, use it as an engagement vehicle instead of donation-soliciting opportunity.

4. Mother’s Day brunch

Another celebration to be aware of during spring is Mother’s Day. This date marks the perfect occasion to host a genial get together for all your donors to honor moms everywhere. You could also pair a brunch with a silent auction or some other way to garner donations for good causes.

Whenever planning an event, be sure you have the needed tools and solutions to communicate with donors, organize it properly and support fundraising. Contact Allegiance today for more information on what those solutions look like and how you can use them to your advantage.

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