3 ways to recruit more event volunteers

Putting together a strong team of volunteers for your event isn't easy, but it is possible.
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Fundraising events are a smart way for nonprofits to bring in funds, but they take a lot of effort to coordinate and require a large staff of individuals. Usually, the staff is made up of mostly volunteers, but this still requires nonprofits to conduct some serious recruiting well in advance of the event. Here are three ways your organization can recruit volunteers for their fundraising events:

Email to contact former volunteers

Former volunteers should be the first group of people you reach out to because they have an interest in ensuring your organization’s success. Create an email campaign targeted at former volunteers in the early planning stages for the upcoming event. Make sure the messages are personalized. The data saved in your volunteer management software will help you put together a strong list of potential volunteers and help you personalize your message to those people.

PTO Today suggested asking volunteers to bring a friend. This works especially well for event recruiting and even better when you target former volunteers because their prior experience with your organization can help them convince their friends and families to sign up and help the worthy cause your organization supports. A good first approach for getting people to ask their friends to volunteer is through the email campaign you’ve put together for the event.

Social media

Your social media platforms aren’t just for notifying people of  new programs and initiatives your nonprofit is involved in. It is also a useful tool for recruitment, according to Attend. Before you can use your social media platforms for recruitment, however, you need to create a clear and concise plan. This strategy needs to involve engaging and informative content and consistent interaction with potential volunteers. The idea is to get potential volunteers interested in the cause you support and then try to get them to help out with events and programs.

If you have a strategy in place, you can leverage this influence when events come around. Posting about upcoming events and your organization’s need for volunteers will help encourage interested parties to reach out to support your organization and your cause.

University volunteer fairs

Universities can be gold mines for volunteer recruiters because college campuses are full of people looking to further their skills and increase their worth to employers, according to Local Victory. When a university holds a job or  volunteer fair, make sure to be there. What you want to do is illustrate how volunteering with your organization and working specifically on upcoming events will help them become a more marketable professional.

While convincing students is one thing, delivering on your promises is another. Make sure your organization really does have the ability to help students learn and grow. This can be achieved by coordinating with the event planner and identifying what positions volunteers will learn the most. Then you can use those specific positions as recruitment tools at the job or volunteer fair.

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