3 social media sites your nonprofit should use

Recent data showed that nonprofits need to be on at least 3 social media sites.
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There are plenty of social media sites out there, but chances are your nonprofit doesn’t have the time or resources to be on all of them. However, social media tools can help increase donor engagement, which can boost fundraising efforts. In most cases, it’s better to simply be a part of the more popular social media sites. According to a study by Hubspot, consumers expect nonprofits to be on at least three social media sites. With that in mind, here are three platforms you may want to consider for your nonprofit:

The study by Hubspot found 84 percent of respondents thought a nonprofit should have a Facebook page. Facebook pages are great for consistent updates and posting events and blogs. Media Cause reported Facebook is a strong tool for starting conversations with donors and volunteers, which can lead to donations.

According to another Hubspot article, Fac ebook is a good platform for telling stories, something that’s difficult with social media sites like Twitter. Stories can be told through a post or a link to the nonprofit’s blog can be imbedded in the content.

Also, Facebook’s recent addition of a donate button can assist your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. While Care2 warned nonprofits won’t make millions of dollars from the donate button, it is a tool they should consider using moving forward.

While you might not be able to tell longer stories on Facebook, Twitter is a great resource for posting small notes and notices, as well as announcements and events on you nonprofit’s blog. The Hubspot study found 64 percent of respondents felt nonprofits should have a Twitter account. According to Media Cause, Twitter is useful because you can put out as much content as you want, and interact with specific people and organizations at the same time.

While not as many people felt YouTube was a necessity for nonprofits, 44 percent of respondents still felt a nonprofit should have a profile. Like Facebook, YouTube can be a great way to tell stories. However, this social media site is probably better at actually illustrating them if a nonprofit has a skilled video team. YouTube videos can also be used on your nonprofit’s blogs and links can be shared on Twitter and Facebook, making this a very useful tool indeed.

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