2 tips to increase fundraising effectiveness for your nonprofit station

The ability to accurately segment donors is a major advantage for nonprofit broadcasters.
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There are plenty of ways nonprofit and religious broadcasters can improve fundraising effectiveness, from using new management strategies to implementing donor management software. Let’s review two timeless pieces of advice that you can apply to fundraising programs whenever you’re ready:

1. Effective segmentation of donors

All of your radio station’s contributors have something in common: They support your cause and want to continue listening to your broadcasts. That shared similarity is a great foundation for determining the effectiveness of potential fundraising efforts and generally guiding those efforts. However, that one shared similarity doesn’t mean donor outreach programs and other campaigns should be designed with a one-size-fits-all idea in mind.

Effective segmentation is vital to improving fundraising efforts.Effective segmentation is vital to improving fundraising efforts.

Hubspot said personalization is a major factor in fundraising efforts. That idea might sound too time-consuming or extremely difficult at first, as deeply personalizing messages to hundreds or potentially thousands of contributors is a daunting task even for large nonprofits. Instead, you can start developing donor personas – profiles that include information like preferred frequency of contact, interest in specific radio programs, past contributions and other factors. You can then group your donors under those personas, enabling small group outreach that’s more relevant and effective.

This is an effective method to track the preferences of individuals without having to constantly maintain, update and refer to individual files for donors. Of course, that may be a prudent move for your top-level, high-value contributors, but it’s usually not practical on a larger scale. With donors accurately grouped under personas, an effective mix of personalization and standardization is achieved.

2. Automate efforts with fundraising management software

Fundraising software requires human involvement to be successful, but it also significantly reduces labor requirements for staff, eliminates the potential for many forms of data and record keeping errors and automates a variety of related tasks. When nonprofit broadcasters implement this type of solution, it acts as a force multiplier by taking on a variety of tasks that would otherwise be left to your staff and volunteers and cut into the valuable time they spend working.

When it comes to fundraising software and donor segmentation, there are a number of advantages. The best dedicated solutions for nonprofits include built-in functions that automatically handle many common concerns related to segmentation, giving staff more time to focus on areas where a personal touch is needed.

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