2 tips to encourage repeat donors

Connecting with donors on a personal level leads to healthier, longer-lasting relationships.
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Donors are the lifeblood of a nonprofit or religious broadcaster, keeping the station on the air and allowing it to keep developing and growing. With the significant investment required to reach out to potential donors and convince them to make their first contribution, it’s critical that broadcasters maintain relationships and secure future gifts from their donor base. Let’s consider these two pieces of advice for donor management and retention:

“A human touch is needed no matter how a nonprofit develops its campaigns.”

1. Build on your donor management efforts

Nonprofits that have donor management software in place have an advantage over those that don’t: Data related to contributors is cleaner, more organized and readily able to be analyzed and segmented to inform fundraising efforts. Having such a platform in place makes it easier to identify specific contributors and shape the nature of upcoming efforts. However, a human touch is still needed no matter how a nonprofit stores its information and develops campaigns.

Nonprofit Hub said drilling down into existing information about donors is a powerful starting point, because it allows fundraisers to create more personal connections with contributors. Hand-written messages, phone calls and in-person meetings help to strengthen these relationships. While there’s only so much time for duties like these, focusing them on the largest contributors and then looking for ways to reach out to mid- and lower-tier donors in a fast, efficient manner.

2. Treat donors as more than a source of money

It’s vital that nonprofit broadcasters don’t only reach out to donors when a contribution is needed. This point, made by npENGAGE, should be remembered by fundraisers as they put together plans for the very end of 2016 and beyond. Contributors and nonprofits share a common bond – they believe in the same cause to the point where it’s a significant part of their life, be it through volunteering, working for the broadcaster or donating hard-earned money.

Going beyond requests for money and sharing the results of efforts, saying thank you without prompting from a recent donation and explaining why your organization values donors lets them know they’re appreciated for more than just their wallets. Giving them non-monetary opportunities to contribute and engage, whether by serving on a committee, getting to meet some of the on-air talent or something else entirely, creates a more holistic relationship. 

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